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Polsloe Veterinary Clinic
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Will Braithwaite
Will Braithwaite
Polsloe have looked after our cats for two years now and have been great. I always manage to get an appointment quickly and they deal with any emergent issues professionally (even when the cat got free of my grip and shook gross, pussy, infected ear juice on all of us).
Rae Matthews
Rae Matthews
The vet here is lovely and can tell he very much loves his animals especially cats! When taking my cat in for a check up, he sprayed his hands with catnip to seem more welcoming to her before getting her out her carrier! They also have a great VIP pet plan which makes good use of vaccinations, and % off of dentals, food and more! And was very helpful during the setting up process! They seem to have nice staff who are also very informative/helpful!
Gemma Haxell
Gemma Haxell
Amazing vets! We have taken all our pets their since I was a child and they have always done the very best for the animal no matter if it makes them money or not. Would highly recommend!
Wayne Harris
Wayne Harris
Sadly our elderly Staffie became ill. Took here and was advised to get a blood test & urine sample done. Went for just the blood test initially (the vet did say ok to do urine later as bloods may show up what was wrong and not worth paying for both if not needed) and sadly the results were as expected and she was at the end. All dealt with sincerity and care and to follow up with a card in the post of condolences is a lovely touch.
Sarah Todman
Sarah Todman
Unfortunatly we took pur dog to this vet after hurting his leg jumping into the back of the car. We beleived it was in relation to a previous opperation from year before. We were booked in within half an hour to be told he seemed fine but they could do an xray and and blood test at a leter date. Our dog has always had a lump on his leg since previous op and this is what she wanted to test on. We said no but she was adamant she wanted to do a blood test. She could not give us a proper price for xrays, only roughly £370. But never any explanation to the pricing. She was going to get someone to send a break down, they never did, after contacting them again we were told thats not something they do. After the lack of communication and language barrier between the vet we decided to go elsewhere. The outcome being the pin in the leg from the previous op had come loose and moved, this making a lump that the vet wanted to do a blood test on! Examination, removal, xrays and afercare for around half the price of just the xrays from this place. Will never go here again and all our pets have now been registered elsewhere. In my oppinion they are money grabbing vets, not interested in the animals welfare and have a very poor vet, blood tests on a metal pin???? Says it all to me!
Dorota Kasa
Dorota Kasa262 days ago
Only two visits with my anxious Border Collie as yet but happy with the service and prices so far.
It is nice to see the understanding of my beast's behaviour and to hear advice instead of comments on how bad of the owners we are.
The confident approach feels reassuring (we've seen two different vets there).
Jon Pirrie
Jon Pirrie1 year ago
Lovely welcoming staff , professional , have looked after my rescue cat through the pandemic and happily now recommend.
Victoria Mancuso
Victoria Mancuso1 year ago
I am so grateful to have found an avian vet that takes the time to listen and explain. Nothing was too much for him. I would definitely recommend this practice for any parrot owners.
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