53 High St, Exeter EX4 3HE, United Kingdom

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PFF9+8F Exeter, United Kingdom
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Philip Mitchell
Philip Mitchell
As an existing customer that had just moved to the area, it was good to be able to go in branch and change our address for all of our accounts. We were informed we could do it online - but it was nice to have some assurance from the very helpful staff.
Luke Jones
Luke Jones
Brilliant bank, staff are great and waiting times aren't very long.
Morag Brenan
Morag Brenan
Opening hours are inconvenient for people who work, they could open at 8 or stay open til 6 at least one day a week (the one at the uni is open til 6, and students are the ones with more flexible schedules). Long queues as well.
Mart Honeywill
Mart Honeywill
discusting bank 16years customer here .never owed a penny to them .frozen my acount and left me and my son without anything for 3 days .will be changing banks will never use this bank again. absolutely appalling how they treat theithe customers!
James McPherson
James McPherson58 days ago
You get a good service with Santander and the staff are always very helpful, but the bank can get very busy so you often end up in a queue.
I have noticed that their savings rates aren't as good as some other banks, so it is always worth shopping around.
Warren Coles
Warren Coles2 years ago
Maybe the staff have low morale but no need to take it out on customers. I asked if it is possible to understand a little bit more about a certain account and I just got a glaring, short tempered reply to look on the website, and we don't give advice. I explained that I wasn't looking for advice but that in the past the staff would just run through the options. She then continued that 'that was the past' and you now we don't have the staff so if you want anything you ain't going to get any support in the branch. Maybe, she is unhappy with her management but it is not my fault and then is no need to shut me down as I asked each question with the attitude I was being 'cheeky' to ask questions. Will definitely move my money elsewhere.
Louis Readman
Louis Readman2 years ago
Seriously needs modernising. Looks tired/dilapidated.
Lack of staff working behind the counter meant a long wait.
Dis-organised, one woman complaining that the cash machine had short-changed her by £20 to a young staff member who had no idea how to handle her complaint, manager did not come out to assist.
The only saving grace was the woman that served me, polite, friendly but clearly over worked and tired.
Unfortunately I get the impression that Santander’s long term plan is to shut all of its branches and go online or call centre based.
Alex Russell
Alex Russell2 years ago
Very dilapidated and run down inside, makes me ashamed to be a Santander customer when I go inside what should be a nice Victorian building…

Female staff at the desk on Monday were rude, I asked a question and I received an eye roll as a response, very disrespectful and unprofessional for someone representing a banking institution.
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