Barclays Bank

24 Middle Entry, Tamworth B79 7NJ, United Kingdom

Barclays Bank
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J8M3+GW Tamworth, United Kingdom
+44 345 734 5345
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Jane Harris
Jane Harris
What is someone supposed to do if you work full time now they're closed on Saturdays? I had to go in my lunch hour today, it took me an hour and 15 minutes, totally ridiculous I have been to 2 other banks in the town neither of them were this slow, only 1 person serving is ridiculous! Serving times were not great before covid, bloody joke now!!!
Alison Allan
Alison Allan106 days ago
It seems the brilliant Barclays staff are particularly long-suffering at this branch with having to bear the brunt of the minimum staff levels/ opening times. They also have to put on a brave face as head office earns the bank the reputation of worst in driving the climate crisis.
Graham Kindon
Graham Kindon320 days ago
Closing down ! Staff only there to point you to the correct machine to use,
Mark Wakelin
Mark Wakelin320 days ago
How can a bank be closed on a Saturday when people not at work. Rubbish.
Emma E
Emma E2 years ago
The opening hours at this branch are terrible. There is only one machine where you can pay in cheques or deposit cash. There are very long queue's both for the machine and for the counter service. Be prepared to wait a long time. I will be changing banks to one that can offer a better service.
Chris Clubbe
Chris Clubbe2 years ago
one star is given solely because barclays is going down pan.. it is absolutely disgusting that a major bank opening hours finishes at 2pm. Not even open 5 days a week no more too its not the only branch.. I have to do my business on Saturday due to work commitments, and need to use a pacific machine due to my needs.. I now have to travel to Burton upon trent to do my business as my other local branch lichfield closes now on Saturday.... it would not be a problem if tamworth opened until 4pm.. After 35 years I need to move banks.. The staff at all branches are excellent, I realise its not there fault....
Mark Kimberley
Mark Kimberley2 years ago
Opening hours are a joke I can never get there on time to put money in as barclays closed when I'm available ,due to this the bank cancelled my blue rewards ?.I tried to report a scam but 2 months later still waiting for reply you might aswell close the branch you are no help at all.
Anthony “Avantls” Carder
Anthony “Avantls” Carder2 years ago
Absolutely useless bank, always long queues. No paying in slips, only have to pay one bill but takes foooooorever.
So glad I don't bank with them.
Avoid at all costs,
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