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Peter Rogers
Peter Rogers
The person I spoke to was brilliant - very generous with her time, took me through all the options, explained everything, her whole approach was great, no tech jargon, just Straightforward advice from someone who clearly knew what she was talking about. A much happier shopping experience than taking pot luck and hoping I bought the right thing online.
Tom Chappell
Tom Chappell
Very helpful even though they didn't have everything I needed in stock. Good people in there and told me where I could get out of stock items from.
Mike Knight
Mike Knight
Wow, what fantastic service at Jessops Exeter. Jennifer, The Manager , was amazing, so knowledgeable, friendly, patient and helpful. All the staff acknowledged us, with a hello or offer of help whilst we were waiting to talk to Jennifer. What a great team led by a fantastic manager. Thank you.
Spencer Maidment
Spencer Maidment
Excellent service. Phoned up to see if they had a camera I wanted to demo, spoke to Emma and she informed me they did, and without asking she checked to see if they had one to purchase too. On arrival a very polite young man put a ramp down so my elderly mother could also enter the shop.
The shop was very tidy and all staff polite. As promised the camera was there and a good p/x deal was done. 30mins later I left the shop with a new camera. If you are in need of camera gear try Jessops Exeter great service all around.
Having had my Nikon DSLR repaired here 6 months ago, I returned to the shop as the same focus issue had seemingly come back, and Jessops refused to look at it without all paperwork and receipts from the previous visit, telling me they don’t keep records of repairs, nor do they consider email confirmations. I hadn’t asked to have it sent back or anything- I just wanted someone to look at it and try to confirm that it was the same issue/give any advice so that I can decide what to do next. I’m not sure if they understood this, but they made no effort to and went straight to telling me not to bother without all paperwork and receipts. Disappointing.
Adam tregedeon
Adam tregedeon
I was shopping in Exeter and I actually happened to catch the insta minis in the window out of the corner of my eye and thought it would be the perfect gift for my girlfriend, as I entered the store I was greeted by a girl with pink hair, and she offered me help (I definitely needed it) so this was ideal, she talked me through the product as well as similar products and the differences, so I really got an idea of what I was getting for my money, and she also showed me accessories and extras and honestly she SOLD them to me. We then went over to the till to settle up and she offered me an insurance with my product and I actually thought this was a good idea, and worth it for the money, and the prompt on the till didn’t seem to be working, she tried a few different things and couldn’t get it working. She then very politely asked if I minded whilst she tried to find out what was going wrong, which I didn’t mind at all. She originally turned and asked two of her colleagues (Both male) which where just chatting in the store, and to be honest they didn’t help her at all, I’m not sure what they said but they seemed to be more interested in what each other had to say than helping a colleague out, so the girl serving me then had to go out to the back of the shop to get a different colleague (I think this was the manager). I’d like to add that the girl serving me had a crutch, and not that this hindered her ability to carry out the job at all, in fact she came across perfectly to myself and made my experience very swift and easy, but these male colleagues essentially made her walk all the way out to that back just because they wanted to carry on their own private convo. The conclusion to the insurance issue on the till was solved over email, and turns out they no longer offered the insurance on this particular product, but the girl serving me did really well to think about taking my email and ensuring me that they would let me know what exactly was going on. Overall my personal experience with the service was absolutely flawless, and if I need any more camera or digital equipment this store will be the first place I think of.
Martina Robson
Martina Robson199 days ago
Appalling service. Bought an item online. It said awaiting stock - available to order. Nearly a month later the item was not in stock still, they had no idea when it would be in stock. The supplier had offered them no dates for stock dispatch and Jessops didn't keep me informed at all. They had nearly £300 of my money that they held indefinitely, for an item they couldn't guarantee would ever arrive. I asked them downgrade me to a similar item they did have in stock and refund the difference. Simple right???? Nope. Problems. I still have no money or refund. Feel like I've been conned and robbed.
Ian Humphries
Ian Humphries2 years ago
Ordered my lens on the 27th April, it said the product was in stock,, so I expected it to arrive a few days later, it is now the 12th May and still no confirmation email to say it has been dispatched.
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