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Island Service Station, 2, Raynesway, Derby DE24 0DU, United Kingdom

Gas station
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VHWC+RM Derby, United Kingdom
+44 1332 340402
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Ivan Sackville
Ivan Sackville
Very friendly staff and very helpful the price of the fuel was very competitive good choice of stock in the shop, a good car wash at the rear great value.
Miserable rude staff. Didn’t confirm a price on shop goods just stood with hand out waiting for cash. Stench of something disgusting in the air and informed by staff “someone dropped something innit”
Lacking basic customer service. Manners cost nothing . You don't even get eye contact from the grey haired man with glasses let alone manners. My partner and I both use this petrol station for convenience on occasion and not once heard a please or thank you.
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompsonyesterday
Old grey haired bloke glasses very rude, unhelpful, never gets off his stool to help. Ask him anything or help its a sigh and mutter and just negative body language. Asian guy friendly but very poor language barrier when you ask or say pardon its a shake of the head as "don't matter".

Very tired small shop needs investment or redevelopment.
Outside washing machines £8.00, £12.00 and a couple of driers, am guessing people use these for work clothes and not personal laundry. Bizzare concept nonetheless
M32 days ago
Every time I go to send a Parcle the older man says the machine ain’t working he’s said it to me 3 times this month I don’t know if it is laziness or it ain’t but it’s funny how when the other man works there it does work -

Won’t be coming again
Sarah Graham
Sarah Graham32 days ago
It's smashing loves. Always got petrol when u need it
David Parton-Ginno
David Parton-Ginno2 years ago
Use the hand car wash behind the petrol station, very reasonable prices
Tim Clarke
Tim Clarke2 years ago
Never come across such a miserable collection of staff. And so rude too - just ignoring customers while they get on with their own business.

A smile and a friendly "hello" wouldn't hurt. They just make you feel like you are interrupting their lives! Strange, as I thought it was the customer that paid their wages. If they weren't the only Hermes agents in the area, I wouldn't bother to set foot in there.
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