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Five Guys Exeter

74 Queen St, Exeter EX4 3RX, United Kingdom

Five Guys Exeter
Hamburger restaurant
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PFG8+5W Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 1392 276744
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Glen “VentureGlen”
Glen “VentureGlen”141 days ago
Hidden away down Queen Street, this American style Diner has top quality burgers, friesvand milkshakes... Red and white tiling and visible preparation makes the theatre good...
Frequented by students with downstairs dining in, one of my favourites in the City, recommended the salted caramel milkshake! 😊 Expensive but very nice!
Stuart294 days ago
I've eaten at the Five Guys branch in Walthamstow, London so I was expecting a similarly pleasing experience . I had a burger and chips there too and for some reason it tasted better. My visit to the aforementioned branch and subsequent order may have been with cheese and a spicy sauce but I don't recall. Portion of chips was as generous and the chocolate milkshake as good as previous. Burgers are always a good size.
Crislaine Cavalcante Mantovani
Crislaine Cavalcante Mantovani325 days ago
Best bacon I've ever had, I can make my own burger just the way I like it. Potatoes are wonderful, tender inside and crispy on the outside. The only problem is the price, as it is quite expensive. The hamburger alone costs around £10 without fries or drinks.
Yuhan Zhang
Yuhan Zhang325 days ago
Five Guys embodies the Ying and Yang of society. On one hand, the milkshake is heavenly and burgers are warm and juicy. The staff is always friendly and bottomless refills are always a plus.

On the other hand, The 4 inch hot dog is a scam. The fries are at times so salty that I can gently tap them to "dust" the fries. The whole restaurant feels like an oven, where the souls of the damned are cooked and tortured for an eternity.

Conflicting experience. 4 stars.
CAT CATTERSON355 days ago
So the prices were a bit shocking. Two large bacon cheese burgers and large fries with two bottles of beer was £36! However, you had as much toppings as you want on the burger. One single large fries is enough for four people...thankfully, the very friendly girl at the till warned us so we had one portion between us. The burger was a double one...absolutely huge and very tasty. The fries were fresh cut local potatoes and were so addictive and tasty. We got the Brooklyn lager..it was really good and 5.2%, £4.95. There seemed to be free Peanuts for customers but we didn't realise and missed out. Fast, tasty and good service x
Anna Sokolova
Anna Sokolova1 year ago
Burger itself was average but cold, soggy ban, it was collection, 15 min after ordering and ban was somehow already soggy, very thin too, soggy lettuce as well. The burger tasted as if we had it delivered and driver was stack in traffic for hours, but it was freshly cooked and collected by us. Cajun chips were awful too, cheap tasteless potatoes used with taste of uncooked Cajun spices. Pricey bad meal for £17. I wish we went to McDonald’s and I do not say something like that lightly
Brian Turner
Brian Turner2 years ago
I ordered a Cheese Burger with regular Fries having had the same when they opened. The cost £15.30. I was very disappointed. The chips were semi warm bearing in mind I only had a 2 minute walk home. The Burger Bun was pappy not browned off and the Burgers themselves were dry. Such a shame. It seems the standards have dropped somewhat since they opened. Won't be going back.
Pani Bundy
Pani Bundy2 years ago
Why are the burgers from 5 Guys just warm and never piping hot? If the cheese hasn't even melted you know you've got a problem. The fries are great, as well as everything else. It wasn't even busy - my order was the only one cooking. Come on 5 Guys what's going on here...

Milkshakes are of course brilliant as you can't fail with bacon and peanut butter.
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