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ODEON Exeter

Sidwell St, Exeter EX4 6PL, United Kingdom

ODEON Exeter
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PFHH+95 Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 333 014 4501
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David Brawn
David Brawn
Great value for money. However, the air conditioning system is either very old or non existent. Also the dividing balustrades will obstruct the view of the screen for shorter people.
David Perry
David Perry
Will begin by saying the staff are great! Friendly, welcoming and attentive. However, the cinema itself is past its best and can only be improved to a modern, top quality cinematic experience by demolishing it and starting again.
My expectations of a cinema are very high but not unreasonable or undeliverable.
I went to see Super Pets with my daughter in Screen 1. The Premier seating we selected turned out to have restricted vew for me (I'm 5ft11") and no view for my daughter. We moved to a seat where my daughter could have a view via the area at the top of the stairs but my view had the hand rail in it. So we ended up finding a standard seat that suited.
The acoustics are poor so the average sound system was compromised. The screen brightness was poor as was dynamic range.
My daughter really enjoyed the movie with me once we got settled but I expect much, much better; especially for the price.
C&L Family
C&L Familyyesterday
The kind, friendly, professional, staff make this venue. It’s an accessible, welcoming place for the Neurodiverse. Audio Description is more available than at Vue. Their choice of films and screening times are always varied and good, too.
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts32 days ago
Sometimes they forget to turn the lights off until after the film's started but otherwise it's as good as you'd expect from an Odeon I suppose
Jon Cheesman
Jon Cheesman62 days ago
From my visit today I would never go back here. After days of anticipation to watch the new black panther movie we decided to go here rather than VUE round the corner. After paying for the premium seats in screen 1 we’re sat for 25 mins of the movie before I couldn’t take it any more. The screen is so badly done. The contrast is shocking and when watching dark scenes we couldn’t see any character. We went to vue straight away and the screen was drastically different and could watch the movie for how it should be.

The only positive experience from the visit is the customer service I received going there and when I explained and asked for a refund.
Brian Dash
Brian Dash116 days ago
Great apart from you can't see the seat numbers in the pitch black. Luckily phones have torches. In the old days you used to get shown to your seats x
Massivecompacthalo2 years ago
2 stars not one just because at least we could book easily.
Avatar in 3D was sub standard quality, both sound and picture. I'll book earlier in future to get The Vue.
Tara Brown
Tara Brown2 years ago
My daughter went there with her Brownies to watch matilda so I decided to take my son there to watch a different film while we waited. There was me and my son and 1 other lady with whom I can only assume was her son. This was in the entire room. It was absolutely freezing cold in there I almost walked out because of how uncomfortably cold it was. Me and my son had to wrap up in my coat as a blanket. The other lady that was in there was on her phone the entire time and not 1 person came in and said anything. The seats are okay but most definitely not the comfiest to sit in for that amount of time. However the kids snack deal was good and fairly priced
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