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Tiverton Nail Shop

20B Bampton St, Tiverton EX16 6AA, United Kingdom

Tiverton Nail Shop
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WG37+CF Tiverton, United Kingdom
+44 1884 798419
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Genevieve Sathasivam
Genevieve Sathasivam
These guys are NEVER on time. If you book for a certain time be sure to arrive 30 minutes later! A few of them in there can be quite rude, although there is one girl who is absolutely lovely.. That said, they do an amazing job! I've had my nails done in London salons and to be quite honest they are no where near as good.
Charlotte Deadman
Charlotte Deadman
Have been a customer of this 'shop' for 19 months. Never again. Ill-organised, rude and a gel manicure so poorly executed I spent 50 minutes last night filing away the technician's sloppy work. Fortunately, a second salon has opened in the town - and the staff in their actually smile.
Jacqueline Alban
Jacqueline Alban
Great service but was a long wait despite having an appointment. Although proves that it is popular!
Sara Making
Sara Making
Have used this place on and off for years love it. They do beautiful nails and have ALLWAYS loved them. I booked today because it was my 50 th I got the lady who owns it she did my fingernails. N I also for the first time had a pedicure. I was told 60 pound on the phone when I booked. Turned up had a pedicure in the most uncomfortable massage chair I have ever sat in so much do I had to sit forward. I decided to have two snowflakes on my big toes. And when I had my gel nails put on I decided to have a rain-dear picture put on one nail and a penguin put on the other nail. Instead of a block colour. I went to pay and was asked for 80. Yes 80 pound !!!! Instead of 60. I asked why and was told art work was twenty pound extra. Was gutted and embarrassed as I only had my 60 pound which I had saved. I came to a compromise with the lady and paid her 70 pound. I took the extra tenner out of my shopping money. I was not told it was extra for art work I felt I was just used for extra money n coned for a picture. So because of this I won’t be going back with sadness and regret. They took the piss. So because of there greedy ness they have lost a loyal customer. Shame
Liverpool lass
Liverpool lass
Not recommend . Long waits despite appointments all the time. Staff rude especially the male staff. Constantly ask you to leave before your nails are dry and 8/10 I end up having to return 30 minutes later for a second polish!

Don't know how to communicate to thier customers
Sara Steele
Sara Steele87 days ago
First time using this salon, first time having acrylics done in 3 years, was told to come here via my local cabby (jolly) fantastic service, yes they were busy (mothers day rush) but am so happy with the results, will definitely recommend and go back. I had acrylics with gel polish. Thank you so much!
Esme Kearney
Esme Kearney2 years ago
Set of nails took over 2 hours to do - due to them multitasking between clients. Embellishments fell off after one day. Polish is bumpy. Nail shape has been distorted due to a trainee who had incorrectly sized them on my nails. Cost £40 and today I paid another salon £25 to fix them. Slightly frustrating couple of days.
Sonia nott
Sonia nott2 years ago
Lin and Ken work hard to get in as many customers in and nails 💅done with a 100% quality job all the staff are brilliant as well I recommend them 100%
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