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The Courtyard, 1A Cranbourne Rd, Slough SL1 2XF, United Kingdom

Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd
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G96P+X2 Slough, United Kingdom
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Ariful Khan
Ariful Khan170 days ago
UPDATE: A few weeks ago I had to pay for parking in my own bay in my own residency. Now I'm being forced to fit through gaps with two cars parking anywhere they like. Pathetic service. See picture attached. How on earth is a big car/van meant to got through that gap.

Same as everyone else, got a ticket for parking in my own bay. How can they send a ticket by post to the residential area where the car belongs! Just doesn't make sense to me. Gave them a good reply and clearly they couldn't take it and rejected my appeal. Disgusting. They should consider getting their facts correct on their website.
Dora Machado
Dora Machado323 days ago
I parked my car at my clients private park space . I'm a carer. The lady I look after has mental disabilities, so I have to park there not for fun but I'm only doing my job . I had the disability badge on the window even so they fined me. I appealed but they have no understanding whatsoever. All they want is money from hard working people. Disgusting. Enjoy my money. Have a nice dinner and drinks on my expense.
Don't forget that one day you will need a carer and you will remember what you did to me.
Kyler Zundel
Kyler Zundel353 days ago
LISTEN! This is a SCAM!!! YOU HAVE THE LAW ON YOUR SIDE! Don't argue with these guys; pay your fine on your credit card and then call the credit card company and mark the transaction as fraudulent (Yes, you might need to get a new credit card since this one will be marked compromised).

You did not agree to pay any fee for parking on the property, nor did you agree to any written or verbal agreement; therefore, they have no legal authority to hold you financially accountable for parking on the property. They can boot your car and demand payment to release the vehicle since you're on private property. However, since no written contract obligates you to pay for parking, the best they can legally do is trespass you from the parking area (which they won't take the time to do). Anything else is a form of entrapment.

Google it; you will be happy you did. You're welcome :)
Hubert Czubrychowski
Hubert Czubrychowski1 year ago
I can't believe that UK government allows such companies to extort money from people in broad daylight.

Just like many other people here I have been unlawfully fined 60 pounds for using my designated parking space while my permit was coming in the post (as a tenant I had to ask my landlord to get the permit for me, and that obviously takes time, so landlord is not at fault here).

I tried to appeal, but they obviously rejected the appeal without even trying to explain why.

I obviously paid those 60 pounds just to free myself from PCM, but it felt so wrong that I'm still fuming over it. Where did that money even go? Who benefits from my car being properly parked in its designated parking bay?

All property management companies that decide to use their anti-resident services should be ashamed for helping this scheme operate.
Alan Robinson
Alan Robinson1 year ago
Scammers. I live in block of flats with secure gated car park. Now the gate doesn't work they are suddenly appearing. We have permits, my friend parked in my spare allocated bay, I took the permit down but a ticket was already issued. One resident got a ticket because her permit had fallen off windscreen. In the summer they were coming round after dark. If you appeal they just send standard reply no matter what you write in the email. They didn'tbother replying to my 3rd email. Government sponsored scammers
Jo joe
Jo joe2 years ago
I have someone parked in my PAID parking spot everyday and PCM have never come and give tickets and do not do anything when you call to tell them

Also they have given me a ticket for parking in my own spot and bullied me and sent this to debt recovery

This is a cowboy company and I don't know how they are still operating.

Since the 1st Dec 2022 until 10 dec 2022 everyday for the whole day this van has been parked in my PAID parking spot

PCM have not come once in the last 2 months to do a check on the parking
Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam2 years ago
If I had a choice would give them zero stars. Ticket officer clearly saw my valid permit which unfortunately fell in the floor and said don't worry no ticket was issued. May this company become bankrupt. You appeal, they send you the same draft letter. Frauds just want to take the money from working families. Once again may this company become bankrupt
Aneesa2 years ago
Charged me £100 for parking 18 minutes beyond the parking hours whilst I had a disabled badge on show. No regards for those with mobility issues, there needs to be a social media movement cancelling these types of companies to deter clients from choosing to use their despicable services. The signs were not limited, not lit up and dirty. They don't even judge appeals in an objective way. I now refuse to go those places where the Car Parks are run by PCM! Those clients are now losing money due to PCM!
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