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Parth D
Parth D148 days ago
Took over 60mins to get the one medicine when am the only person waiting to be served. The elderly lady took the prescription but she's unable to read whats in the handwritten prescription and kept asking me many times about the name of the medicine and searched the medicine for long time and finally she went to her chair and kept my prescription. Finally another lady came and she took the medicine in less that 5 mins. The way she did things today may lead to give away wrong medicine. This is a serious issues and must be looked at.
Scott Spiers
Scott Spiers209 days ago
Dreadful pharmacy, go elsewhere. They told me to go in and collect 8 items, when I got there only 1 was in stock. One man was struggling, he was brilliant and apologised.

However a second pharmacist (who arrived late) was just rude, insisting they would never guarantee something in stock. He actually said "I'm not going to argue. Please go away, 1 in 8 items is good enough". Unbelievable!

When I asked to make a formal complaint about the wasted trip he shrugged and arrogantly walked off saying "make a complaint then". He really could not care less...

So go to Dean and Smedley in town. They are miles better.
Neil Orme
Neil Orme301 days ago
Very rude and unhelpful. Don't appreciate being called a liar by the pharmacist. I think she needs to go on a course about being polite to customers.
Karl Bowler
Karl Bowler1 year ago
Absolute joke. Both myself and my wife had separate prescriptions sent to Lloyd's from gp. On both occasions waited 10 mins to then be told didn't have any of the meds in stock. No antibiotics at this time of year. Really! Dean and smedley had everything. Why does such a large pharmacy group never have any stock?
Carly Newitt
Carly Newitt2 years ago
Absolute waste of time every visit they get worse will not be using them ever again. Constantly loosing prescriptions, never order the correct meds, waiting times are a joke, don't seem to know how to put a delivery away, absolute chaos. They don't even deserve 1 star. So angry and annoyed by the lack of customer service. Highly recommended finding somewhere else to get your message from.
Suzanne Edge
Suzanne Edge2 years ago
Very poor service, waited over 5 days for prescriptions and still not ready told to wait another 20mins. This is often the case of having to wait for 45 mins just to get served.
This pharmacy is too small for the growing community of Swadlincote. It’s also unsafe for the staff with boxes all over the floor, and they never answer the phone!!! I’m now missing my meds for the next couple of days … not good…,
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson2 years ago
If you want rude staff, someone else's medication instead of your own, the wrong items dispensing and a high risk of death because of this, then this pharmacy is for you. It is a dangerous pharmacy and should not be allowed to dispense. This has happened to me on and off for over a year. Thankfully I have changed to boots now
Joshua Eason
Joshua Eason2 years ago
Awful experience. Rude staff members. GP informed I could get product over counter before cheaper. Pharmacist would not issue product and saying the GP should not have recommended that product. I have reported Murzena to Lloyds Pharmacy and the GPC because this pharmacy must stop immediately before somebody gets seriously hurt from their incorrect information.
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