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Conway House, 13b New St, Honiton EX14 1HA, United Kingdom

Roger Hemming Estate Agents
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Gabriela Ratyis
Gabriela Ratyis
Lenz Robert
Lenz Robert
Within the last 3 weeks my wife and I finally managed to move into our new home after months and months of delays, without Roger and his excellent team it may not have happened, and we would like to thank them as they were always very friendly and seemed genuinely happy to hear from us being available to help out with useful information and advice whenever it was needed. Thoroughly professional team and we would recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase or sell.
Johanna Sharp
Johanna Sharp
Brilliant, we purchased our house through them. Very good service
David Cafe
David Cafe
They're so nice and helpful staff so impressed.
Don't know as I have not been there.
Karen Abbott
Karen Abbott2 years ago
When our Mother passed away we chose Hemmings as they were local to Dunkerswell. The other reason was the personal attention you get with an independent and as we all lived away this was very important.
There fees are set and very reasonable an we were more than happy with the presentation of the house.
Throughout the sale Mr. Hemmings and his staff kept us informed and were more than happy to help with any concerns we might have had.
I would certainly recommend Hemmings as they were professional but also very personal in handling what to us was a very emotional time.
Michael Hailstone
Michael Hailstone2 years ago
Roger Hemming is the most obnoxious and rude person I have ever had the misfortune to cross paths with.

My wife and I made an appointment to view a flat that Roger Hemmings Estate Agency had listed with them.

They were unable to show the property for several days and offered to show it to us this morning (2nd March) at 11.00am. At around 9.00am Huw from the office rang my wife to confirm that we were still on for the appointment at 11.00am, to which my wife confirmed yes. Huw then said that his office was just 2 doors down from where the flat for rent is located and for us to simply pop our head into the office and he would walk with us to the flat.

My wife is currently on crutches, following a major operation on her foot, but was able to walk to the office from where we live. Arriving at the office at 11.05am (5 minutes late), both Roger Hemming and Huw were sat at their desks and denied knowing anything about an appointment to view a flat. We immediately thought we had the wrong agency and continued onto the flat.

Finding no other agency nearby, my wife telephoned Huw back on the number he rang from earlier and he said he had waited at the flat and left when we didn't show, returning to the office.

We returned to the agency we had just visited and spoke with Roger Hemming in person who simply pointed at his watch and tapping it saying " You are late"!! When I pointed out my wife was on crutches and that we were only 5 minutes late he tore into me and again tapped his watch saying "You are late!!". He then shut the door to the agency in my face!!! He did not want to engage with us or anything and was not even interested in the fact my wife had just come from the crematorium following the cremation of her elderly aunt who has just passed away from Covid 19.

It is her husband, my wife's uncle, that we are now looking to get a flat for so that he can be nearer to us, he is 87 years old.

Following Roger Hemmings' discraceful and shameful attitude to my wife, I would not give this man the scraps off my plate if he was on the verge of starvation, let alone allow him to earn exhorbatent fees from me for selling my house.

Never ever again do I want to have any dealings whatsoever with this ignorant man, he is a disgrace to Honiton and the Estate Agency profession.

There are plenty of alternative Estate agents in Honiton who would really appreciate your business and would extend you the courtesy you deserve. Do not whatever you do be fooled by Roger Hemmings' act of sincerety, my wife and I saw the real Roger Hemmings' today and it is not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination.


Fortunately for me Mr. Hemming, I recorded our conversation at your door on my phone before you shut the door in my face, which clearly shows you are lying in every aspect of your response!! You know this and I know this, and I can prove it!!

Also, CCTV cameras and phone records show unambiguously and exactly when we arrived at your office, 11.05am!!

The fact you have wantonly lied about the circumstances surrounding the event is shameful and serves to only reaffirm my initial opinion of you.
Grahame mackekzie-green
Grahame mackekzie-green2 years ago
Roger Hemming is such a helpful chap. Thank you very much Roger
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