Tesco Esso Express

271 Barrack Rd, Christchurch BH23 2AY, United Kingdom

Tesco Esso Express
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P5VX+5M Christchurch, United Kingdom
+44 345 677 9162
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Intentionally Blank
Intentionally Blank
Staff etiquette needs changing. Wrong information given out, and at least one member of staff appears to have an attitude problem and should not be working there. If staff can not keep pace with a busy environment then they should not be working there.

I have used this petrol station from time to time, over about twenty years, so will have visited it hundreds of times. It is true that there sometimes can be a severe delay between the staff "switching on" the petrol pump, even at times that are not busy.

Astonishingly they have also refused to switch the pump on because I have been filling a Jerry can before, and have also been trying to fill the car with the boot open. According to the operator it is against their policy to allow this.

As a recreational pilot and sailor I have filled up fuel cans all around the UK and overseas, and have never had any problems from anywhere else either filling up certified/official Jerry cans, or filling up with car windows or boot open.

Interesting because this is never an issue with any other petrol station, including petrol stations of the same brand of fuel supplier, and the supermarket themselves.

My opinion from what I have seen is that at least one member of staff is on a "power" trip, and is giving erroneous information.

So for me this otherwise "average" petrol station gets a poor rating on balance.

Tesco / Esso .. you need to improve your staff training or selection process (based on at least one member of staff). Whilst *most* pumps are switched on in under a minute, it does take longer then most petrol stations. However excessive time delays in operation of the pumps does happen frequently.
Suzie Simmons
Suzie Simmons
Always polite and very helpful. I go there most days for either petrol or to get shopping its very convienient and they always have great offers.
Leigh Murrell
Leigh Murrell
Convenient and stocks loads of variety for a petrol station and shop. Friendly and helpful staff 👍
Sam Brown
Sam Brown
What a great staff team this store has! Nothing is to much. Friendly and very helpful it a credit to Tesco. There is one lady there that whatever is thrown at her has the upmost respect . Lovely little store and petrol station.
Many thanks Sam x
Łukasz Zimończyk
Łukasz Zimończyk
I am very greatfull that this is a 1 normal petrol station around here that has a customer toilet !
Rodger282 days ago
Cheapest petrol in the area currently. Staff inside were polite.
Elaine Donovan
Elaine Donovan2 years ago
There should be a better way than allowing someone fill up with petrol then go in and do a shop, this holds up people waiting to buy petrol.

Do not be fooled, this is not a Tesco petrol station.
Lauren Trix
Lauren Trix2 years ago
Bad experience in this Tesco’s very rude older lady on the tills today. I was gobsmacked. Some people shouldn’t work in retail.
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