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Jessy Nepeiko
Jessy Nepeiko293 days ago
I've never reviewed a supermarket before but I had such a wonderful experience last Thursday that I wanted to share. I was shopping with my 5 month old and I couldn't find the trolleys with the baby seat. The gentleman who was working the trolleys saw my searching, guest my need and very kindly showed me where they are kept. He then got me one and upon my return to the car he took the trolley back for me. Not only great customer service but a lovely act of kindness that made my day. Thank you
Ian Morewood
Ian Morewood293 days ago
Went looking for school uniform, very limited stock and no changing rooms available (they have been shut permanently). Ended up leaving without what I went for and ordered online with a competitor. For kids clothing it's kind of important you stock for all ages and especially for teen girls they have scope to see what fits and what doesn't
Dina Snirhe
Dina Snirhe323 days ago
Really nice big store filled with wonderful things. Staff is very helpful and friendly. You need to go and see yourself. You won't find empty shelves as floor assistants fill them quickly.
Angela Green
Angela Green354 days ago
Disabled parking no entry signs are ignored by drivers so likely to get skittled are hit by on coming vehicle. Has been raised with head office but they just ignore your feedback because its costs to much to sort out. The store have raised this several times.

Went in the a few days back and they had an offer on. Took the product to the till and found out that it wasn't and was for a different product completely. Turn out the one I had was in the wrong place. Got told to take it to customer services to see if they would honour it and explained that their shelf stacking was at fault but refused to honour the offer even though it is their negligence.

Went in yesterday and the product I tried to purchase was still in the wrong place. Proves they don't check the shelves enough.

Would have given a 2 star and only reason its higher is purely because of the till staff - Rachel, Caron, Emily, Tracy, Cal, Kieron and a few others are really friendly and helpful. Nothing is ever a problem and go above and beyond.

Sort the out the NO ENTRY signage out.
(That is aimed at head office and not the store)
Catherine Jacques
Catherine Jacques1 year ago
Too many self service tills😡
Too FEW manned tills..hate the self service. Long queues at the only open tills .Eventually opened another till for the young lady to promptly start a lengthy conversation with the male on the opposite till. Both appeared oblivious to the looks of many customers. 😡😡😡 They need to work at Aldi, service brilliant . Oh, , I don't appreciate being served by someone chewing gum 😡😡😡😡
Rant over !!!!!
InnerRock 5851
InnerRock 58511 year ago
One of the best supermarkets in my opinion as it feels relaxed and spacious, has everything you need including household, soft furnishings and the clothes section is great, (great fitting sizes) something's are a bit in the pricey side where groceries are concerned but this day and age atm, where isnt.
The parking is nice, easy to navigate and plenty of it. Child spaces go up to the age of 12 which is great especially if your child suffers from unawareness of surroundings for any reason.
Most staff are friendly and helpful too.
Glyn Jones
Glyn Jones2 years ago
The music near the self service checkouts was so loud you could not hear the beep on the scanner and didn't know if the item had been scanned or not. Also I had to wait for an assistant to approve my age for 2 bottles of non alcoholic wine in my shopping but not for the bottles of tonic, ironic.
Peter Hardie
Peter Hardie2 years ago
Much better store than archer road near me. Good selection. Good non food section. Decent.
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