Tesco Express

1255-1263 London Rd, Alvaston, Derby DE24 8QN, United Kingdom

Tesco Express
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VHX9+4Q Derby, United Kingdom
+44 345 026 9371
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Colin Bird
Colin Bird
At Tesco Metro in Derby I buy most of my food here. A great selection of food and drinks, Great bargins
Good security without being over in your face.

Good staff keep it up
Matt Owen
Matt Owen
This is a nice Tesco Metro, a good size for a quick shop, it even has a small in-store bakery which is unusual but very nice!

It also sells the tesco £10 meal deals, again unusual for a Metro.

It has two reduced items sections, one at the end of the veg and refrigerated isle and one under the fresh orange juice at the far left corner of the shop. I tend to find good hidden gems in the back on.

Staff are always helpful.
Adrian H
Adrian H
Handy for a quick shop. Sells a good selection of Tesco lines. There is a car park at the rear. Off road parking to use the cash machine located at the front.
Circusskillz209 days ago
My job has me all ove the UK. Costa machines are my goto. The one onside here happens to be my home town, my closet and inside a big reputable company. Yet every week something goes wrong with it. Possibly the worst maintained machine in the country. Sorry Tesco.
Ellie kaye
Ellie kaye270 days ago
Do you know what, I’ve been using this shop for years now and love all the staff but there’s this one guy, raz or something his name is I think, he rushes you out of the shop, I’ve had multiple occasions were he’s been really rude and made me feel uncomfortable, just now, I was putting my stuff in my bag and he was serving a customer while I was using the self checkout, he looks me dead in the eye and say “hurry up then, have a nice day” I didn’t think he was talking to me so in shock I just kind of stopped and he repeated himself “bye then, have a nice day”. Disgusting customer service. This man needs a good talking to or just being sacked because I don’t feel comfortable if he’s serving me anymore. I never moan about little things but this genuinely ruined my day
James Jones
James Jones331 days ago
Generally a nice store. Might want to check the multi pack of jam doughnuts before you put them out next time. I've just bought a pack (06.30) and was surprised how cold they are - they're frozen!
Jackie Clark
Jackie Clark2 years ago
My order is delivered from this store,its not big enough for the job.....fed up of unavailable products ie Tesco Chicken Kievs, Tesco Cranberry Juice, Tesco cat Food & at least 6 other goods. My friends visit the store in Long Eaton & there is always plenty of the goods not available at this store.....if this is the best they can do then im moving to a different company,

best they can do I will have to cha ge
Jonnie Bodie
Jonnie Bodie2 years ago
Always ok if you have forgotten something
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