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Trumpington Medical Centre

Level 2, Clay Farm Community Centre, Hobson Square, Trumpington, Cambridge CB2 9FN, United Kingdom

Trumpington Medical Centre
Family practice physician
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54FF+94 Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Naila Khan
Naila Khan174 days ago
It is the worst GP surgery in the whole Cambridge. First, you have to deal with the rude receptionist and then incompetent doctors.

They treated me as if I’m being unreasonable and making things up and wasting their time. They kept saying me that it’s all okay and there’s nothing wrong and I ended up in A&E in a messed up situation few days later.
Bob Vasey
Bob Vasey296 days ago
The doctors are great when you can get to speak to them. But whenever I ring the surgery the phone is rarely answered, even when I ring multiple times. I instead gave to complete an online and hope someone gets back to me. My son was quite ill once and it was distressing because I just could not access medical care through this surgery. I can understand that doctors are busy, but there is never an excuse not to have enough admin staff to answer the phone.
Vickie Brown
Vickie Brown357 days ago
Apart from the unreliable phone lines, I have found this a very good surgery.

Offers loads of services and the receptionist are largely very friendly.

Spotlessly clean and like the fact is it modern and not old fashioned and stuffy.

Been very happy with this surgery so far.
Anna Ledain
Anna Ledain1 year ago
I’m surprised by the other reviews as I have never had a problem getting to speak to a Doctor or receiving my repeat prescription. I fill in the online form and then I get a response from the surgery, whether it be to tell me my prescription has been sent to the pharmacy and when it will be ready to collect, a date and time for an appointment they have booked for me or a date and time a Doctor will call me to discuss my concern. Thankfully I’ve found it as simple as filling in a form and haven’t had the hassle of calling constantly. Granted online isn’t for everyone but it is the way it’s done these days.
Kamila N
Kamila N2 years ago
Giving one only because i can’t give zero. The 5* review clearly is about Sally, the nurse who I am sure is lovely but the surgery is a joke. They stopped giving any appointments at all. It is impossible to call them and when you go there they most likely not going to let you in without appointment. We sneaked in as the door was open and we approached the receptionist to arrange an appointment that doctor herself requested in 2 weeks time. It is needed so my husband can get repeated prescription. No appointments for weeks. One - literally one slot available for mid-January. The receptionist couldn’t be ruder when we just stopped for a minute and were thinking what to do and she seemed completely oblivious to the fact that the phone was ringing constantly all the time I was there. Her colleague was also ignoring calls. When I asked about that I have been told “it is ringing constantly from 8-4” - perhaps if they started answering it would stop? The other issue we have with this surgery is the fact that they keep changing my husband’s dose but keep the same drug and they can’t seem to find solution that would stabilise him. They put him on drug that is causing him headaches but they are relentless in keeping him on it. Interestingly - I got the same drug and my friend too. Each of us has completely different issues with blood pressure. I work in pharma and know there are tons of blood pressure drugs but this surgery only seems to know one and despite my husband telling them is not right for him they insist on that one drug and not even trying other options . Completely useless surgery. Lacking training, knowledge and the basic empathy. Perhaps individuals are good but I am yet to meet one. If they are understaffed? - possibly, do they even care at all - don’t think so.
Karolina Skibowska
Karolina Skibowska2 years ago
Such bad service. Unprofessional doctor. He has examined my 2.5 year old daughter . She had a high temperature for few days. Doctor told me that she's fine. He said " just give her an ice cream, big tub not very expensive". My predictions was, that she may have a tonsillitis. He said no. Two days after we have ended up in hospital because she still have had a high temperature and mouth swollen.
She has been checked properly at the hospital and diagnosed with tonsillitis.
She has been given an antibiotics.
Unfortunately we cannot trust the doctor there!!!
E S2 years ago
I can't be bothered to write a really long post about how this is the worst Doctor's Surgery I've ever been to as most people won't read beyond the first line. In a nutshell don't bother if you have a chronic condition go Private see a Specialist with expertise so you are prescribed the right drugs with proper care and see the same person. You have to request a repeat prescription every time you need it and there is no guarantee it will be at the Pharmacy waiting for you which is ludicrous it shouldn't be called repeat prescription. Reception staff are nice the Doctors are overrun with too many patients and they are mainly dealing with acute emergencies which end up at Addenbrookes anyway for the experts to sort out only if they do their job right which is not always the case. Don't expect anything amazing and you won't be disappointed.
Sandra Quintans
Sandra Quintans2 years ago
It was such a bad experience I don't even feel comfortable to call and get help.
The reception team is super unhelpful and somehow rude. As a patient with mental health issues, you want to feel comfortable calling for help and they made it super hard. The doctor was useless too, such a bad experience.
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