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28 Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS, United Kingdom

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PFF9+RH Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 1392 276665
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Tracey Nixon
Tracey Nixon
A lovely selection of unusual jewellery pieces. No pressure to buy and allowed to browse. Helpful service when I did want to make my purchasing choice.
Sarah Ellis
Sarah Ellis
Great selection, I just wish I had more money to spend here 😂!
The jewellery is beautiful and quite unique, some of it is handmade locally.
The staff in the shop are so friendly and helpful too.
Overall a fantastic jewellery shop in Exeter and I will keep going back for more!
Katie Jones
Katie Jones2 years ago
I love this shop - so much really pretty, imaginative and unique stuff to choose from and totally family-run. We always buy presents here and I love to keep stocked up on the really special soaps. Love chatting to the owners too - Philippa and her staff are always so friendly and kind. There are not enough shops like this in Exeter !!!!
Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson2 years ago
Excellent service from the staff in this truly unique shop. Beautiful jewellery, some of which is made in Exeter. Highly recommend and will be back. Thank you :-)
Charlotte Sherwin
Charlotte Sherwin2 years ago
Fabulous family run shop with some beautiful pieces, many of them handmade in Exeter. Lovely lady too. Great place to buy a special gift.
Loopy Dave
Loopy Dave2 years ago
Such a Brilliant shop ! I love coming in when I am in Exeter. I always receive a friendly welcome. I wish you every success for the future.
Lesley Murch
Lesley Murch2 years ago
Sorry to say that I received some bad customer service from here this afternoon. I had a ring bought for me as a present at Christmas and was told that the purchaser had been informed that I could take it back for an exchange if it was too small, which it was. No time limit was indicated to her at the time. For various reasons I have been unable to take it back until today. I went with total expectation that it may not be possible to exchange. What I wasn’t expecting was the abrupt rudeness that I received. Simply stating ‘it’s June’ and that exchange is only possible within 30 days ‘as is by law for any business’. I’m well aware what month it is. I had gone in with the intention of buying a present for someone else, regardless of whether I could exchange mine or not. After receiving the reply I did I decided I would rather spend my money elsewhere.

In response to the reply... if the explanation came across as patient and not rude, and I was ‘quite satisfied’ then I would have made the purchase I planned to make and wouldn’t have felt the need to write this review. As I said originally, not being able to exchange was not the problem. Being a small independent family run business is not an excuse and you are not the only person who has had an extremely difficult time. If you took an interest in why I hadn’t been able to get to your shop for the 8 weeks since it reopened on April 12th then you would have had an example of that.

In reply again ... as I have explained, not being able to exchange the ring was not the problem. What I did not want when I came into your shop on 9th June was being abruptly told after I explained my query that ‘it’s June’, then to be told after I explained that a time limit was not communicated to the purchaser that ‘exchange is only possible within 30 days of purchase, as is by law for any business’, then for the final short statement I received to be ‘I don’t even have that ring in stock anymore’. If you had come across as patient and explained things as you have here then I most likely wouldn’t have perceived you as rude and would not have left this review. Constructive criticism has not had the result I was hoping for here. As a final note, thank-you for changing your original reply to be slightly less defensive and passive aggressive than it was originally.
Halley Cohen
Halley Cohen2 years ago
Love this store and have been shopping here for years. Perfect place to find a unique gift.
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