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Church Hill, Honiton EX14 2DA, United Kingdom

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Elliott Teed
Elliott Teed
Positive clean and tidy train station. Provides a quieter alternative to Exeter St David's for me when traveling at peak times
Katherine Tonks
Katherine Tonks
Check the platform number - once raced onto the London platform train just as the doors were closing and ended up in Exeter.
Matt Young
Matt Young
Exeter in 15 minutes and London in under 3 hours, great stuff.
Colin Reed
Colin Reed
Zero regard for disabled customers - able bodied staff have been photographed leaving their car in the enforcable bays (wheelchair logo and restriction plate present) to start their shift.
There are additional signs specifically barring taxis from the bays, presumably taxis have made it difficult for staff to park in them.

Only today in fact, ALL of the disabled bays are coned off with staff(?) cars parked in the bays. The yellow clad individual there today who couldn't be bothered to walk 5 metres, explained in the usual "couldn't give a damn" attitude that's so familiar from staff here, that the area has been closed off to make a turning area for the buses which are providing cover for the various cancelled trains due to drivers being on strike despite their £30,000+ salaries and numerous perks paid to sit at the front of a vehicle that steers itself - pretty cushy huh?
Anyway, this bus turning area. First off, no area has been created at all in reality, because the spaces are still occupied by cars and cones. The adjacent parking area for people without disability is full of cars but would have made an excellent turning area due to available space and perhaps most importantly its not precisely where pedestrians enter from the street.
So rather than close a few regular spaces, the individual who made this decision preferred to make the entire car park 100% inaccessible to disabled passengers, while also endangering all users of that car park because of the buses now reversing in the pedestrian area.
Previously the buses have turned without there being any need to close off the disabled spaces. So what's new SWR, NR, and whatever other acronyms are involved? Why choose today to make such a discriminatory and utterly stupid decision? Is it because it's cold and icy and your staff (those who aren't on strike over such harsh employment conditions) don't want to be denied "their" spaces? Maybe you've arranged taxis for the disabled passengers, meaning they won't need to use their car? I mean, you lay on whole buses & private coaches to transport the people who bought tickets to travel by train, surely that must be it. No? Or is it because staff (as already shown) don't give a toss about people with disabilities? Or maybe is it because as companies you don't give a damn about disabled people? I mean, if a staff member treats someone poorly on one occasion, that can be put down to poor staff or poorly trained staff. But when it's altogether more frequent than that, and when the attitude experienced from numerous members of staff is repeatedly dreadful, it stood being an isolated incident, or an individual staff issue. It suggests a trait within the organisation itself, which fosters a culture which gives ordinary folk like me, reason to call out the organisation for either a) failing to rectify instances and educate staff appropriately, thereby allowing a rotten culture to develop, or b) being the root cause of the problem, with token facilities which are effectively non existent because of a company that believes sticking a sign up is all that's necessary, and goes about its business with an "it'll do" approach.

When I drove over to the aforementioned yellow person (he refused to come to me, meaning that I had to drive into the area with all the pedestrians) he curtly informed me the spaces had been suspended. "til when?" I asked. His reply : "January"!

He then informed me there is another car park with badge holder spaces (of which I was aware) on the other side of the track, down the steep hill. The reason however, that the other car park is not an option is fourfold :
1- it's on the wrong side of the track
2- it's a ridiculously long trek to have to park there, return to the road, go up the hill (if you can) & precariously navigate through the car park, bus parking and the bus turning area
3-such a "solution" is inconsiderate, disproportionately impractical and fraught with hazards
4- this results in disabled people parking further away than everyone else!

Monumental acts deserve lasting publicity. Hence my review
David H Cobbald
David H Cobbald
Lovely railway station with great facilities.
Nino Regan
Nino Regan
Lovely place to visit, with easy short walk from train station
James Berry
James Berry2 years ago
A few more pubs would help but the one's that are open are g
UKTrain96 “LW159”
UKTrain96 “LW159”2 years ago
Okay station, but very bland looking and the toilets are always closed.
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