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Stretton Medical Centre

Ladywell Cl, Burton-on-Trent DE13 0FS, United Kingdom

Stretton Medical Centre
Public medical center
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R9JC+G6 Burton-on-Trent, United Kingdom
+44 1283 537450
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Sam Lander
Sam Lander
Useless! Been trying to make an appointment for months for my daughter with no luck, never any appointments available. Have to call in the morning for morning appointments and in the afternoon for afternoon appointments but never any appointments left by the time you get back through. I ended up going to a walk-in clinic who said that our doctors need to refer my daughter so to go back to my doctors! We went down first thing this morning to make an appointment in person as not getting anywhere over the phone. They do not accept/make appointments at the desk and to call up 🤦‍♀️ I called up when there and no appointments!! So only choice is to go to A&E for an no emergency!! Useless! GP doctors are better off as no waiting times as no one can even make an appointment, yet emergency services are bombarded as its the only way you can get to see a doctor.
Absolute shambles of a surgery, an utter embarrassment to the NHS.

Closed half of the week, ridiculous opening hours for a village of Stretton’s size. Impossible to get through on the phone to make an appointment, and if you are lucky enough to secure one most of the doctors there want you in and out and barely even look at you before sending you off on your way without a satisfactory resolution or treatment.

Reception staff are nosey, rude, blunt and last time I went in were hardly the picture of health themselves. Feels like they do everything they can to stop you actually seeing your GP.

It’s been like this for many years, really not worth bothering with. Maybe try Branston, but that’s not ideal if you’re based in Stretton and feeling really rough and don’t want to be travelling that far to seek medical help.
Absolutely dire customer service, receptionists are rude as anything. Considering the area it is really shocking. This is my local one and at times I haven't bothered going when I've needed to as it's shambolic-I've been left waiting for an hour on the phone to get an appointment only for them to tell me they don't have any and I'll have to call back tomorrow, even worse they say they'll give me a telephone appointment between 9-11 for example, I'm at work where I can't answer my phone! I feel sorry for the GPs and doctors that work there as they are brill, I would go private.
Mark shor
Mark shoryesterday
Can never get an appointment, keep trying to call and even called before the phone lines opened, as soon as it was available it said all the appointments had gone, how is this possible? This doctors need to start pulling their finger out; the rest of the NHS are working hard, why aren’t you?
Jez edwards
Jez edwards2 years ago
USELESS........ phones should be open at 8.30 🤪, good luck with that, always rings out as busy line.
Got though at 8.50 and was told booked up all day. Try again tomorrow she said, and guess what yes same again Some people have to work to pay your wages. SO another patient sorted as far as they are concerned 😟. as I don't have the time or Patience. If it was a private service they would go bust.
Murad Khader
Murad Khader2 years ago
I have lived in several different cities in the UK and have had GPs all over...Belfast, Barnoldswick, Coventry, Derby... I have not had a worse GP experience than this place. Receptionists on the phone are quite cold and off putting. Much like the other reviewers mentioned, all they care about is getting you off the phone as soon as possible. Nothing is their responsibility, always with another department and there's nothing they can do to help.
Lindsey Deacon
Lindsey Deacon2 years ago
This place is a disgrace, the receptionist are rude and very blunt. You cannot get an appointment and are always told to call back being passed from pillar to post then when you do call back all the appointments are gone 😒.
I'm going to look to change surgeries and would recommend others do the same
RACHEL MEE2 years ago
called as moved to the area- told it would take 2 weeks to register even though I have done the online form not interested at all- told to call my old doctors they cant help me either. Absolute joke. The receptionist did not care either, no empathy should not be allowed to work in the doctors surgery.
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